Training Options

Training interventions offered through this initiative will allow organisations to strengthen their internal ethics management capacity. The following offerings are available to organisations who are signed as supporters of the Coalition for Organisational Integrity:

Governance of Ethics training – designed for members of the Board of Directors.

Ethics Officer Certification Programme (EOCP) – This is a five-day course offered in English. A practicum needs to be completed within 90 days and the delegate needs to achieve a pass rate of at least 65%. The attendees will be certified as Ethics Officers if they successfully pass the practicum.
The certification will be offered in Portuguese in 2022 – 2024. Please email should you be interested.

Building an ethical culture workshop – This workshop offers tools on the ethics of organisation to ensure that an organisational ethical culture is established. This one-day workshop is, in essence, an expanded version of a module that one would encounter in any governance of ethics or ethics management training programme.

Ethically Aware Supplier Induction programme (EASI)

EASI, which stands for “Ethically Aware Supplier Induction”, is an online short course in business ethics, presented by The Ethics Institute. It is an interactive programme with animated video content, case-studies, practical scenarios and exercises. The programme is especially designed for executive managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who need to make sense of increasing ethics demands on their businesses – and what to do about it. The idea is that large companies, in the interests of good governance, will use the EASI programme to train SMEs in their supply chains. The trained SMEs will be accredited as being “Ethically Aware”, and this accreditation will be accepted by a number of supporting large organisations.

The programme is currently being offered in Portuguese, in partnership with Mozambique Enterprise Solutions (MozUp).


The Ethics Handbook Series is a key part of the TEI’s thought leadership. The handbooks contain practical and leading practice guidance for professionals working in the ethics and related fields. Each is themed according to a different aspect of organisational ethics.

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Thought Pieces

Reflections on some business ethics tensions within organisations

Written by Julio Andrade (PhD) The Ethics Institute adopts the definition of organisational ethics as the balancing of what is good for the organisation with what is good for other stakeholders. As reflected in the Institute’s new corporate identity and logo, the definition is encapsulated in the classic ethics triangle (good, self and other).  Organisations need to, however, also balance several other ethical tensions within the confines of its boundaries if it hopes to build an

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Storytelling as a vehicle for growing an ethical culture

Stories can be used to create a culture within an organisation. While stories might be viewed as entertaining by adults, it is generally associated with moral lessons for children. As such, most cultures have an inherent love of stories. Stories are used by young and old alike to teach about the past and about current traditions and their origins. It teaches those members of a particular culture how to live within the framework of their

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The Ethical Role of Lawyers

The legal profession is one of the oldest professions, yet lawyers are often parodied as being light on ethics.  Considering the impact that the legal profession has on the moral justice in a country, the Pan African Lawyers Union is finalising a Code of Ethics for Lawyers Working in Africa.  Kris Dobie was invited to their regional conference in Maputo to present a keynote address to set the scene for their deliberations.  written by Kris Dobie

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Big Data and Business Ethics

Written by Liezl Groenewald How did Walmart know to dispatch extra strawberry Pop Tarts to their stores in the path of Hurricane Sandy? How did public health officials gain an understanding of Ebola’s extent throughout the region? The short answer to these questions is: Big Data analytics. I was recently fortunate enough to attend the European Business Ethics Forum (EBEF) in London.  EBEF brings together those who are responsible for the ethics, compliance or business

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Where to find help?

You may contact our project team members or any of the locally based ethics experts to assist you with any questions you may have.

You may also visit The Ethics Institute website



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