Why a Coalition?

The Coalition for Organisational Integrity's Aim

Operating in isolation, single organisations have little hope of driving the systemic change required to achieve lasting change in the area of ethics. Collectively, however, there is considerable power to do so. The Coalition for Organisational Integrity in Mozambique aims to establish a collective action platform to affect significant change in business conduct by engaging thought leaders in sharing best practice, improving procurement and stakeholder relationships and strengthening engagement between business and the public sector.

We Need Your Active Participation

National and multinational companies are invited to join like-minded organisations in partnering within the Coalition for Organisational Integrity in Mozambique. The greater the number of organisations joining this collective action platform, the more impact and influence the Coalition can achieve. Instead of your company carrying the risk of addressing corruption on its own, your participation in the Coalition strengthens and empowers organisations to enable, develop and enhance business integrity. There are no quick solutions. Instead, a systematic, multilateral, long-term, coordinated effort is required and this is where you and your organisation are essential.

What does the Coalition for Organisational Integrity Do?

This project relies on the collective action of participants to build awareness and share best practice to advance business integrity and strengthen ethics management capacity. This will enable organisations to improve integrity and ethical business practice in Mozambique. To achieve this we will focus on three important activities:

  • Host quarterly leading practice masterclass sessions to build institutional capacity and establish new norms based on business integrity.
  • Train and equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to embed an ethics management programme in their workplace.
  • Roll-out ethics and anti-corruption training, in workshops and digital format, for small-and-medium enterprises, with a particular emphasis on ethical practices in the supply chain.

This illustration summarises the approach that the Coalition will take.